Future Past
  • 23rd-23rd January / Event Passed

    Bangkok Takeover

    The Spider’s return to Thailand saw her land in a new central Bangkok location as the heart of the city erupted.

    Bangkok, Thailand

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  • 18th-20th March / Event Passed

    Ultra Music Festival, Miami - RESISTANCE: Spider + Landing Show

    The Spider lands in central Miami to lead the Resistance, a new space for underground music, performance and ideas at one of the world’s biggest dance music festivals.

    Miami, Florida

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  • 28th-29th May / Event Passed

    Love Saves the Day, Bristol - Afterburner

    The Spider’s little brother, the Afterburner hits home soil in Bristol for one 2016 date. With a huge bass driven lineup taking the controls, the fire is set to ignite in Eastville Park.

    Eastville Park, Bristol

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  • 15th-17th July / Event Passed

    Ultra Europe

    The Afterburner returns to the epicenter of Ultra Europe in Croatia 

    Split - Croatia

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  • 2nd-3rd September / Event Passed

    Arcadia Korea

    Arcadia Korea will see Seoul’s historic Olympic Stadium transformed into an immersive world of mechanical creatures, flying aliens, and giant fireballs as new bonds are forged in the flame.

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    Seoul Olympic Stadium

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  • 9th-9th October / Event Passed

    Arcadia Taiwan

     Arcadia Taiwan will see Arcadia land in the lush surroundings of Taipei’s Riverside Park. With the city’s futuristic skyline glittering in the background, a wave of multi sensory mayhem is set to ignite as thousands of Taiwanese make the Arcadia landscape their own.

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    Taipei’s Riverside Park

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  • 23rd-27th November / Event Passed

    Arcadia Australia

    November will see Arcadia Australia take over the gorgeous Elizabeth Quay in Perth. Surrounded by water and overlooked by gleaming skyscrapers, the landing site will host an extraordinary moment of connection as an ancient Aboriginal ritual is woven into the fabric of the performance.

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    Elizabeth Quay in Perth

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  • 24th-26th March / Event Passed

    Ultra Music Festival, Miami - Spider + Landing Show

    The Spider returns to central Miami to lead the Resistance, an evolving space for underground music, performance and ideas at one of the world’s biggest dance music festivals.

    Miami, Florida

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  • 27th-28th May / Event Passed

    Love Saves the Day - Afterburner

    The Afterburner returns to Arcadia's home town of Bristol for a one off 2017 date. 


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  • 21st-25th June / Event Passed

    Glastonbury Festival - Metamorphosis

    The Spider’s only 2017 appearance in the UK will see the full Metamorphosis show land back at Glastonbury - Arcadia's spiritual home and the valley where it all began.

    Worthy Farm, Somerset

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  • 16th-16th September / Event Passed

    Chartres en Lumiere - Lords of Lightning

    In the illuminated shadow of Chartres Cathedral, the battle begins.


    Chartres, France

  • 23rd-23rd September / Event Passed

    Visualia Festival - Lords of Lightning

    Bringing lightning to a festival of light.


    Pula, Croatia

  • 11th-12th November / Event Passed

    Arcadia Taiwan, Spider + Landing Show + Lords of Lightning

    Arcadia return to Taipei this autumn.


    Taipei's Riverside Park

  • 1st January - 31st December

    Arcadia UK

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