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Arcadia was founded in 2007. Forged from a shared love of unconventional creativity and high octane partying, it has consistently sought to shape new dynamics of spectacle, ingenuity, celebration and unity.

The show is the ultimate Arcadia experience. Morphing all of its elements into a sensory explosion, it distils the essence of Arcadia into 30 minutes of epic performance.

The Spider stage is at the heart of the show and is Arcadia's most monumental environment. Built from recycled military hardware, the Spider blurs the lines between sculpture and architecture. It is the centrepiece of the Arcadia landscape and is designed to generate interaction and immersion from every conceivable angle.

Beyond the Spider, Arcadia have developed an array of other stages from the alchemical Afterburner to the six wheeled, amphibious Bug. Each is constructed to create a microcosmic world and each has a highly distinct identity that defines the dancefloor around it. Immersion is fundamental to Arcadia and all the stages are fully loaded with an arsenal of visuals and effects that flow to the heartbeat unleashed by the DJ or band at the core of the beast.

Arcadia also collaborate with a range of extraordinarily talented artists from around the globe on a vivid spectrum of mind bending satellite shows.

You can see Arcadia at some of the world's finest music and arts events.

Arcadia is a constantly evolving journey through creativity, design, lateral thinking, recycling, engineering, innovation and pushing the envelope in the production of bespoke creations across the world.