Truly an immersive experience
An assault on the senses
An Otherworldly experience
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Metamorphosis is a uniquely immersive show that engulfs audiences tens of thousands strong in an awe inspiring world of transformation.

As creatures pulsing with light swoop from the skies, spiders the size of cars crawl overhead, and multi million volt bolts of lightning crackle across a futuristic dreamscape, Metamorphosis reimagines theatre, circus and the cutting edge of technology into a spellbinding 3 dimensional story.

Developed in conjunction with European Green Capital, the show is anchored in ideas of positive change and radical evolution, both through the narrative itself and the recycled materials through which that story is told, including the world’s first recycled biofuel pyrotechnic system.

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The Landing Show

Landing is the first chapter in a trilogy of shows, exploring human society through the eyes of an alien spider as it lands in cultures around the world. It is the prequel to Metamorphosis.

The Finale - The Final Symphony


The Reactor is an experimental performance debuting at Arcadia London. Pushing boundaries and forging new immersive frontiers, it lays the conceptual, technological and architectural foundations for the road ahead.