This summer the Arcadia Reach team are working with choreographers Pilo and Ilaria Selguera, designer Iola Weir and the dance crews from PiloXercise, Parasol and Body Politic to create a carnival spectacular for the processions at St Pauls Carnival, Bristol and Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford.

Leading the flamboyant dancers and vibrant performers will be Arcadia’s iconic Bug. Rolling in on 6 wheels of self contained sculpture, the Bug’s wings are built from submarine moulds and open to reveal a unique carnival float and a fully rigged mobile stage.

With the support of Arts Council England, the Bug has had a major refit over the winter to boost its sustainability, converting from diesel to ethically sourced biofuel and equipped with a state of the art 12v battery powered sound system custom built by MiniRig.

The project was born from the success of the Bug’s initial trips to St Pauls and Bridgwater carnivals in 2018 and the heartening spirit of collaboration those events generated.  The project is coordinated by Arcadia Reach CIC and forms part of the organisation’s mission to work with, learn from and engage a wide range of communities.

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