About Arcadia

Arcadia transform the machinery of war into unifying environments while pioneering experimental technologies ranging from the world’s first recycled biofuel pyrotechnic system to multi-million volt bolts of lightning playing musical symphonies.

Arcadia’s Metamorphosis show was developed in conjunction with European Green Capital and is anchored in themes of evolution and positive change. The stories Arcadia tell and the mediums through which they are told create vivid, forward-looking experiences, highlighting our potential to forge a more sustainable and exciting future.

Arcadia continues to push boundaries across the spectrum, from harnessing emergent technologies to developing ambitious waste management systems for their worldwide events.


At the heart of Arcadia’s global journey is a cycle of cultural exchange.

It ranges from collaborations with an Aboriginal nation on the performance of an ancient ceremony not seen in public for over a century to working with EDM superstars at gleaming music festivals in downtown Miami.

Arcadia have worked with major institutions such as the Royal Academy of Engineering, built fire engines for refugee camps and hosted skills workshops for hundreds of local teenagers in the UK and Australia.


Arcadia’s non-profit arm, Arcadia Reach CIC was formally created in 2018 to ensure Arcadia continues to reach beyond its commercial boundaries and share its skills, networks and resources with a far wider range of communities.

Current projects include the development of well drilling technology to improve water access in a remote part of Sierra Leone, collaborating with the local community to create a cycle of sustainable agriculture.

Taking inspiration from those collaborations, Arcadia will be inviting artists and musicians from those communities to share their culture and creative spirit at major Arcadia events.