About Arcadia

As an artistic company, we hope to spark debate both through the stories we tell and the mediums through which they are told.

For example, we developed the Metamorphosis show in conjunction with European Green capital to tell a metaphorical story of change through a stage built from repurposed materials and featuring the world’s first biofuel pyrotechnic system. That show has reached nearly a million people and provoked significant debate.


We deeply value the environment and consistently innovate to find new approaches to reduce our consumption without sacrificing the impact of that core function.

All our installations are constructed from waste military and industrial hardware, retaining the embedded energy within them and showcasing the potential of recycled machinery.

We consistently invest in and research alternative fuels both to lessen our footprint where possible and to create art from those efforts – experiences that we hope can inspire others to imagine and innovate.

We do not claim to have answers, but are asking questions through the shows we create and the methods we use to bring them to life. It is an ongoing process and every decision is weighed carefully to find the most effective compromise.

We encourage collaboration and invite anyone who has ideas on how we could be more effective to get in touch.