The Arcadia experience is built on an ethos of positive change.

Our installations are built from repurposed military hardware, exploring the relationship between technology and human intent. The Metamorphosis show is anchored in themes of transformation and the development of the world’s first recycled biofuel pyrotechnic system helps showcase what can be done with the world’s waste. 

Drawing on the primal human instincts that unite us, such as music dance and gathering around fire, Arcadia use cutting edge technology and unconventional approaches to the arts to create a universal experience that resonates across cultures.

As Arcadia has grown, the decisions taken around each opportunity and challenge we've faced has been guided by that ethos of positive change.

We hope that by through what we do, people will be inspired to come together, challenge convention, launch their own projects and have as much fun as humanly possible while minimising any negative impact on the world around us.

Arcadia Reach CIC

Arcadia Reach CIC is a non-profit organisation that reaches beyond Arcadia’s commercial boundaries, utilising Arcadia’s skills, resources and networks in communities where they can make a difference.

Arcadia Reach was born after we built a fire engine for the Calais refugee camp – a project that addressed a specific problem and where Arcadia could help. Projects in the pipeline include solar powered water drilling rigs in Sierra Leone with technology that can drill much faster and more efficiently than can currently be achieved, carnival floats to build links between communities, as well as workshops and community days like the one hosted here on Friday.

100% Of Arcadia Merchandise Profit Goes To Arcadia Reach Projects.

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