Our Shows

An Experience Like No Other

The Arcadia Spectacular shows awaken the Spider and bring the arena to life as an immersive dreamscape. With aerial performances, innovative technology and breathtaking mechanical theatre engulfing audiences from every conceivable angle, the shows harness the full spectrum of Arcadia's creative elements into a mesmerising journey through emotion, electricity and energy. 

Chapter 1

The Landing


The Landing Show sees the Spider awaken, elevating the energy in the arena into peak euphoria. Uniting a stunning range of creative elements and all the Spider's effects, the show features interactive aerial performances, abductions, mechanical mayhem and breathtaking pyrotechnics as the Spider makes first contact.

Chapter 2



Opening a new chapter that follows on from the Landing show, Metamorphosis develops a deeper theme of transformation. The show charts the fate of the abductees plucked from the crowd as they are morphed into extraordinary new beings. With jellyfish swooping from the skies, creatures crawling overhead, musical lightning firing from performers in the midst of the crowd and fresh technological innovations, Metamorphosis transports the audience through new dimensions and new depths of immersion.

Arts Council England

The Finale


Closing out the night in a burst of energy, the Finale is a climactic mechanical symphony that sees the Spider unleash it’s full power to a scored soundscape, leaving audiences on a pulsating high and channeling every element of the night back into a final explosion of unity.