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Minds will be blown

Prepare to be taken away to a place where anarchic metal monsters meet total sensory dynamite. Where lasers pierce the darkness, drum beats ring out through the silence and flames engulf the night sky. Suddenly you're a million miles away from day to day life in a wild, adrenaline fuelled, futuristic environment - this is the Arcadia Spectacular in full effect.

The show sends dancefloors hurtling from tingling anticipation to rampaging euphoria in 25 minutes as the vibe ignites. Magnetically drawing people in from every corner of any festival, the show harnesses every weapon in Arcadia’s creative armoury to whip crowds together and launch the night on a wave of momentum.

An experience like no other

An experience like
no other

Landing from a parallel dimension in deep space the creature awakes and the immersion begins on the planet’s hottest dancefloor.

With 50K of Funktion One bringing the noise, alien like performers spin from moving cranes firing dry ice as 50 foot fireballs erupt overhead.

As the party hits full flow, the pyrotechnics go into overdrive as music, performance, visual mayhem and raw atmospherics crescendo together towards a blazing climax. 



  • The spider


    The stage is also loaded with 9 flame cannons that can fire 50 foot flreballs into the sky. These pyrotechnics are powerful enough to make the ground tremble. An outer ring of flaming lampposts that can fire 10 foot flames can also come with the Spider, creating an extra level of immersion and atmospherics.


    They perform a range of acts from bungee diving into the crowd, abducting audience members from above and spinning 360 degrees above the Spider, adding new elements to the visual experience and bringing the stage further to life.